Bidkar Camacho

Phone: 720-429-0300



Bachelor of Public Accounting and Finance, graduated from the Universidad del Valle de México Campus Toluca in 2008.

I worked for two years in the private initiative in the soft drink industry. During this time I kept accounting records, presented tax returns and related to social security issues, doing audits, practicing inventories, reconciling income with income and showing financial statements with the owners every quarter, it was a very complete and very demanding job, although I really did not feel that I fully exploited my potential and I perceived that I had nowhere to grow in a personal and professional environment.

It was so that in 2010 I started my own path in the accounting area; and in 2011 together with five more merged partners and Contadores Rogalsa SC de RL de CV. A society that provides advice to small and medium enterprises, bringing quality services with high value to face the constant changes they face, all attached to applicable laws and with the intention of transmitting that accounting and tax compliance. They should not be identified as a burden, but as a routine activity that serves as a growth tool for each company.

With the office in progress I realized that it is not always easy to start. Spending the first year and with a significant number of clients, I stopped worrying about getting payrolls every fortnight and I focused on growing the company, so I got several alliances that led me to have a global and updated view of the situation of the country in the economic, fiscal, social and political level, which are important factors for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, who were and are my clients to date, so I try to transmit the best of my knowledge to each client, collaborator, partner or ally.

Today I am an active part of Coparmex (Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic) with the purpose of contributing to the growth of Mexico from the business sector, where we know that every Mexican must take responsibility within our society to improve the country.

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