Keep growing as a tax preparer

Staying current is a must for anyone working in a professional field. For those involved in tax preparation, it is essential to continued success.

Aiming for a bigger goal is important, but tax preparers must continually prep through the Annual Filing Season Program courses. So, How can taking these courses be of benefit if you already dedicate yourself to this professionally?

One of the main reasons is legal changes. Every year, there are adjustments made in tax laws, and no matter how small the adjustment may sound, it is essential to be aware of each change to avoid significant consequences.

When representing a client, you need to consider regular changes, such as tax rates. There are also other topics that the IRS requires you to know before taking your accreditation exam, such as tax law and ethics, in addition to taking hours from the Annual Filing Tax Refresher (AFTR).

Having a Tax Preparer Identification Number (PTIN) is one of the requirements to start with your update. Still, it is also necessary to comply with the required time of continuing education requested by the IRS and receive your Completion Record.

Another benefit of passing the AFSP exams is being part of the public directory of tax return preparers and earning the right to represent clients.

It is really very easy to meet the requirements and keep up to date with all the changes in tax laws, and at Latin X Training we can help you with this course.

Consult our courses section. Within the Bookkeeping category, you will find the modalities to take your classes.

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