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An excellent opportunity to grow

Maintain growth for enhancing knowledge, skills, and experience needed to excel in your business or career.

Approach new goals

You arrived at a new level in your career. Why stop now? To excel, you must continually discover new goals that enhance your career growth.

Stay current in your field

The world continues to change every day. Self-improvement can give you an edge to stay on top, complying with laws, remain licensed or certified.

Increase your knowledge

There is a direct connection between the success of your business or career and your state of mind, well-being, experience, and skill. Therefore, you should always be searching for ways to accelerate your growth.

Continuing education for 
a brighter future!

Enhance your abilities to boost your career or business growth with our series of courses made right for you!


Tax Preparation Course

Refresh your tax preparation skills in no time and complete your IRS-required study hours.


Annual Filing Season Program

To be updated with changes in tax laws, this course will give you the IRS updates you need.



In just a few days, with our course, you will easily understand your business’s finances, so it grows with peace of mind.

Courses founded with experience

Our courses are based on our team’s years of combined experience and are certified by the IRS.

Authorized by the IRS

Our courses are IRS-approved and provide you with the necessary continuing education credits.

An experienced team

We bring together over 40 years of experience in accounting, business owner training, tax professionals, and finance.

It’s time to keep growing

Get the knowledge that will enhance your business or career. Start today!

Our graduates share their experiences

See how other professionals like you experience training with Latin X.

Expanding your knowledge brings you many advantages

Learn more about the importance of growing your skills.

Get help from our experts

Undecided on which course is right for you? We are to help! A quick commitment-free overview with one of our onboard members can help identify the most valuable course for you.