Tax pros work in a variety of industries as seasonal workers or year-round employees. They are reliable and organized with a dedicated interest in representing taxpayers. They complete tasks such as calculating, filing and signing reporting forms on behalf of taxpayers. Taxes are at the heart of every industry and financial decision. They are affected by and drive the economy. Because tax regulation is often formed by the decisions and opinions of tax professionals it is important to have qualified people. So… why become a tax pro?

1) Tax is unavoidable

Every individual and business has to account for their income and expenses whether or not they pay taxes. Up economy or down, most people and entities must file income or other reporting forms. Making taxes one of the few industries that are recession proof.

2) Tax is universal

Becoming a tax professional means you are not limited to one industry. Every industry is a tax industry!

3) Tax pros are needed, always

The world of tax is ever-changing and it is rarely made less complicated. Every time a tax law or regulation changes it simply increases the need for tax professionals.

4) Tax pros have a variety of employment opportunities:

A tax professional has options, not limitations, as to the scope of their career. There are possibilities in everything from the type of work you do, the tax niches you advise on, to the location of where you want to work.

5) The tax industry is diverse

Various job opportunities mean a variety of certifications and education levels. The tax industry doesn’t require an ivy league education to get started and very few barriers to entry. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, there is a place for you as a tax professional.

The Hispanic market needs someone like you to lead and serve in the community. The possibilities are open! You can get started without a degree and you can get started with us.