Diana Avellaneda brings more than 25 years of experience to Toro Taxes, working in the field of finance in areas such as cash management, accounting, and investments, being head of different departments in institutions including Citibank and Santander Bank. In her last role as Program Manager of the Lending Department, at LEDC Diana was responsible for the management, administration and accounting of LEDC’s portfolio which has reached $4 million and more than 400 clients.  LEDC allowed her to gain experience in technical assistance for Entrepreneurs.

She is passionate about economic and financial development of the community and helping others to improve their lives, so she decided to form his own company and in 2017, along with other three professionals she funded DAPA multiservice Advisors, LLC

In 2018 they had the opportunity to join Los Taxes, a tax franchise to support Latinos in a comprehensive way covering entrepreneurship, financial growth and business development.

Her commitment to the community and the conviction that education is the key to be able to succeed in this country are always present, she works as volunteer with organizations  such as El poder de ser Mujer, Life asset and The Carlos Rosario school,  where she helps  new  entrepreneurs and existing business with   accounting and Quickbooks classes.

She is a native of Colombia where she earned  a  BBA in  Accounting and finance.

She has been living in United States since 2005 where she also earned  her BBA in  Business Administration with a specialization in Management  and recently her MBA in Accounting.