Tax Preparation Course eBook (English)

CE Credits: 10 Federal Tax Law, 3 Federal Tax Updates, 2 Regulatory Ethics

Our Tax Preparation Course is designed to give you the knowledge needed to fulfill IRS requirements and give you a basic understanding of tax law and practice to ensure you serve your clients with the highest quality. This study material has been organized to give line-by-line instructions for Form 1040.

In this beginner tax preparer course, you will learn…

  • How to prepare a federal individual tax return
  • Filing status
  • Which form to use
  • Credits the taxpayer qualifies for

Our proprietary Professional Training System,, combines traditional textbook courses with online interactive questions and Practice Tax Returns (PTR). Each chapter in the course is the foundation for the next. After each chapter, the student will complete a PTR and review questions.

Practice Tax Returns are in PDF format and include links to the necessary forms to complete a tax return by hand. The Practice Tax Return will have their own set of review questions. Returns containing Schedule A are prepared with state income tax withholding on line 5 and the additional state-specific taxes such as CASI. PTRs are based on the material covered in the chapter. Español? Click here.

Course Details Included in this course

  • Title: 2020 Tax Preparation Course
  • Level: Beginner
  • Delivery Method: Self-study

To earn certificate of completion:

  • Pass Final with 70% (or better)
  • Complete course survey
  • 16 Chapter Slides (eBook)
  • Quizzes 
  • Videos
  • Practice Tax Return
  • Practice Tax Return Final
  • Federal Final
  • Courses & Ebook $
  • Courses , Ebook  & Text book $


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